Setting up a blog.. Procrastination and other set backs.

Ok so I’m still getting the hang of this blogging life and a little stuck as to what path I should take, I honestly have so much to share but where to begin!? Ok ok first off I will start by telling you about the set up of this blog and everything that led up to it.

I am not a terribly decisive person. When I go out to eat I can’t simple look through the menu, go “ooh ye that sounds good” and choose. No. I have to get the waiter over, ask him what is the best veggie/vegan dish, ask if they have tried it and then still take a little more time to decide…I know, that can be so frustrating for my dinning partner or in most cases the rest of the table that have ordered their food and are now sitting there burning me with hANgry looks while I take my time to decide.

So when it comes to decision making with my own life, I can’t say I’ve been much different. One minute I want to do this. Then I read about some wonderful job or career and want to do something completely different. Honestly I wish I could be a little more like those kids that by the age of 16 had it all figured out, they would leave school to attend a particular college followed by Uni and then work in the field they chose from the age of 5. Err ye that’s not me and although I have actually found my calling now (finally!) in herbalism and learning to properly formulate my own natural skincare to eventually sell my homemade products, the lead up to it has been a marathon.

A huge thing that changed my life in the last year has obviously been becoming a mother once again after 8 years. So at start of this year I started a new instagram page because although I already had one, I didn’t feel like the following I had there would want to be bombarded with baby pics and mama life in general so I thought it be best I start fresh and have a platform where I can discuss all my day to day happenings and life as a second time new mama and so on.

I have loved doing that page, meeting new mamas online and even getting to know some old faces on a new level (lots of new and second or third time mamas) so it’s been fun BUT you cannot get everything you want to talk about on a simple caption. That’s where blogging really became the focus and although I had already purchased the domain and so on back in January (talk about procrastination!) I decided that now is the best time to get it out there.

Then came the actually building of this thing. Could someone tell me why this was such a complicated task for me to do!? Honestly I’ve never felt more frustrated in my life (ok maybe I have, many times actually) but one thing is saying ye I’m going to start a blog, another is understanding what to do to get it running! And don’t get me wrong there are plenty of tech savvy people out there but I’m a single device user (my phone of course) so the whole download this to your pc, add this plugin and then edit your page thing was pretty intense for me and I had to watch many YouTube videos to get it. Yes I am a little embarrassed to admit that I couldn’t work out how to set up a simple blog but this is not something I’ve had to ever do and to tell the truth past using my phone and PS4, I’m not really into technology so it was something I had to literally learn from scratch. Thanks to my wonderful partner I am also now the proud owner of an old Mac that I’ve been using to start this blog and to work on other bits.

So yes that’s been my journey so far starting my blog and in fact the page is not completely finished (something about changing from .com to .org WordPress keep telling me to do) so I’ll be making some changes soon. In the mean time I’ll be writing some more, trying out a few recipes that I want to share with you guys and studying -lots coming up about my herbal and natural skin care formulation studies.

When I read new blogs I always try to go back to the beginning to see what their initial posts were like and read about how they started it all. I wonder if other bloggers had the same set backs as me cuz surely I’m not alone here? So, are you a blogger or have other online presence? What was the beginning like for you? I would love to read about other’s experience and beginnings so please share your thoughts below.

Once again thanks for reading and have a fantastic and healthy week.

Mucho amor,



I’m Denisse, yes that’s two ss’ no typo and why would you want to read my blog? Well let’s see..

Latina, second time mama, in love with many things; a wonderful person, living in London, nature, holistic health, family, reading, crafts, music..too many to cover in one go.

I’m also a qualified Beautician, Herbology student that’s into motorbikes, comic con, RPG games and homemade everything! Yes I’ve reached the big 30 and there are still so many things I haven’t figured out yet but who cares! I’m getting there and feel so good in the process.

If 2018 taught me anything it’s to stop wasting time and do what I want to do! Take the plunge and see what happens, so I guess that’s what I’m doing, seeing what’s happening. There’s no guarantee that anyone will read a single word I write but there’s 100% chance that no one ever will if I don’t ever write them!

I decided that as the age old tradition of New Years resolution came about (yes I know we’re in April) I would set and fulfil at least one. That is to not allow fear of failure or others’ options stop me from getting my voice heard and sharing what I know – I don’t profess to know a lot but the little I do it’s well researched and practiced, that much I can say:)

My friends and family keep urging me to share my experience with others because I strive to live a holistic lifestyle and always talking about it! (Frankly they’re probably tired of listening to me and want me to share it with someone else for a change!)

I haven’t thought so far in the future but some of the topics that I would like to discuss in this space are; positive view of life, being a parent (including step parenting), ships: relationships, friendships, partnerships. Different cultures, food (many recipes to come;), nutrition, health, beauty, hobbies, gaming..Loads and loads more..

-I think I’ve sold my self enough but there’s guaranteed a lot of material for many many discussions to come!-

Oh and as with anything that touches the internet nowadays, here are my disclaimers.

I am not writer, I’ve never written anything in my life (other than comments on my daughter’s homework diary, nothing public!) I’m no expert but I’m also so excited to finally put my thoughts on paper per say so please excuse all the grammatical errors, silly sentences and over use of exclamation marks!!!

The point is to give my view on every day issues and to get people’s views back on everything discussed, but please note, the thoughts that go on this page are mine and mine alone and may not work for everyone. If you do not agree with anything, you are more than welcomed to express them in the comment box but like everything you’ll find on this page – please keep it positive!:)

With that, Bienvenido y mucho amor,

Denisse, a.k.a

The Nourishing Mama