Hola and thank you so much for being on my blog.

I am Denisse, a second time mama originally from Ecuador who has always been fascinated and obsessed with home made foods and products especially when incorporating herbs as I am a Herbology student hoping to be a clinical Herbalist when I am further with my studies.

I am what I like to call a naturalista, I raise my babies as close to nature as I possibly can and always searching and formulating alternatives to most household products which, as well as other things, lead me to start studying Herbalism, building my own Apothecary, making medicine and skincare for my family and myself to avoid all the chemicals that need not live in our bodies and on our skin.

Planning and actually having had a home birth pushed me to study further in my field and I learned more and more about the benefits of healing herbs for our bodies, especially during that tender postpartum period. It then became my mission to spread the knowledge to new mamas and offer the chance for them to start healing with a little bit of help from nature too.

I have an instagram account where I document my journey as well as recently launching my Etsy shop where I am now offering mamas the chance to also benefit from the power of natural healing.

I am at the beginning of this wonderful journey of juggling kids, studies, a home and a small business and want to share every step of the way with you!

P.s I use the name Alma Mater because before it’s popular use to describe which educational institute one graduates from it actually meant “Nourishing Mother” and I like to think I’m a Nourishing Mama in all sense of the word:)

Mucho amor,

Dee Almamater a.k.a The Nourishing Mama