I’m Denisse, yes that’s two ss’ no typo and why would you want to read my blog? Well let’s see..

Latina, second time mama, in love with many things; a wonderful person, living in London, nature, holistic health, family, reading, crafts, music..too many to cover in one go.

I’m also a qualified Beautician, Herbology student that’s into motorbikes, comic con, RPG games and homemade everything! Yes I’ve reached the big 30 and there are still so many things I haven’t figured out yet but who cares! I’m getting there and feel so good in the process.

If 2018 taught me anything it’s to stop wasting time and do what I want to do! Take the plunge and see what happens, so I guess that’s what I’m doing, seeing what’s happening. There’s no guarantee that anyone will read a single word I write but there’s 100% chance that no one ever will if I don’t ever write them!

I decided that as the age old tradition of New Years resolution came about (yes I know we’re in April) I would set and fulfil at least one. That is to not allow fear of failure or others’ options stop me from getting my voice heard and sharing what I know – I don’t profess to know a lot but the little I do it’s well researched and practiced, that much I can say:)

My friends and family keep urging me to share my experience with others because I strive to live a holistic lifestyle and always talking about it! (Frankly they’re probably tired of listening to me and want me to share it with someone else for a change!)

I haven’t thought so far in the future but some of the topics that I would like to discuss in this space are; positive view of life, being a parent (including step parenting), ships: relationships, friendships, partnerships. Different cultures, food (many recipes to come;), nutrition, health, beauty, hobbies, gaming..Loads and loads more..

-I think I’ve sold my self enough but there’s guaranteed a lot of material for many many discussions to come!-

Oh and as with anything that touches the internet nowadays, here are my disclaimers.

I am not writer, I’ve never written anything in my life (other than comments on my daughter’s homework diary, nothing public!) I’m no expert but I’m also so excited to finally put my thoughts on paper per say so please excuse all the grammatical errors, silly sentences and over use of exclamation marks!!!

The point is to give my view on every day issues and to get people’s views back on everything discussed, but please note, the thoughts that go on this page are mine and mine alone and may not work for everyone. If you do not agree with anything, you are more than welcomed to express them in the comment box but like everything you’ll find on this page – please keep it positive!:)

With that, Bienvenido y mucho amor,

Denisse, a.k.a

The Nourishing Mama

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